Into the Night: Portraits of Life and Death
PBS | 2 Hours | Airing Spring 2018
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Forgiveness: A Time to Love and a Time to Hate
PBS | 3 Hours | 2010
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The Mormons
PBS Frontline/American Experience | 4 Hours | 2007
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Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero
PBS Frontline | 2 Hours | 2002
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John Paul II: The Millennial Pope
PBS Frontline | 3 Hours | 1998 re-aired 2005
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The Choice ’96
PBS Frontline | 2 Hours | 1996
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Richard Avedon: Darkness and Light
PBS American Masters | 90 Minutes | 1994
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Society: Class In Great Britain
Turner Network | 60 minutes | 1992

They Have Souls Too
ABC Close-Up, 60 minutes, 1988

American Inquisition
ABC Close-Up, 60 minutes, 1983

ABC Close-Up: 60 minutes, 1982

The Monastery
ABC Close-Up: 90 minutes, 1980

Youth Terror: The View From Behind The Gun
ABC Close-Up; 60 minutes, 1978

First Edition
PBS, 30 Minutes, 1975



In The Gloaming
Trinity Playhouse
Starring: Diane Kagen, music by Richard Robbins

Lethal Innocence
American Playhouse
Starring: Blair Brown, Brenda Fricker, Teresa Wright, Austin Pendleton. Amy Wright

A Town's Revenge
ABC Afterschool Special
Starring: Elizabeth Franz

Every Day Heroes
Group W Prime Time Special
Starring: Estelle Parsons and Lindsay Grouse

First Love. Fated Love
HBO Prime Time AIDS Drama
Starring: Jad Major and Alexander Auder




The Siege - Co-Writer
Commissioned by Trinity Playhouse

Change of Heart - Co-Writer
Commissioned by American Playhouse

Kale Messenger - Co-Writer
Commissioned by Warner Brothers

K. 589 - Co-Writer
Selected at Sundance Film Festival

Prejudice: Take One - Writer
Commissioned by Highgate Productions

Willa Cather: The Road Home - Co-Writer
Commissioned by PBS American Masters

The Rise and Fall of Mark Twain - Co-Writer
Commissioned by PBS American Masters

Deliverance - Co-Writer
Commissioned by PBS for the 50th Anniversary of WWII

Black, While and Blue - Co-Writer
Commissioned by HBO

The Song of the Lark - Co-Writer
Commissioned by Lifetime Television



sole writer

Forgiveness: A Time to Love and a Time to Hate
Forward by Dalai Lama