A two hour documentary coming to PBS March 26th.

Those who come close to death are forever changed. 

We don’t know how. We don’t know when. But death comes to us all. To be human is to grapple with this truth and with the great  unanswered question: How do we live  with death in our eye?

Into The Night features men and women of uncommon  eloquence and intelligence who are grappling with this question. They come from all walks of life, dying and healthy, old and young, well  known and obscure. For them death is no longer an abstraction. Whether through a dire prognosis, the loss of a loved one, or a temperament born to question, they have been shocked into mortality.

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Painting by Oleg Vassiliev

Painting by Oleg Vassiliev

Whitney’s ability to wrestle with our most immense uncertainties is astonishing. This is a transformative film for the ages.
— Andrew Solomon, President of PenAmerica,
author Far From the Tree and The Noonday Demon
Into the Night is a miraculous and courageous film that is so deep and true that it should be required viewing for all mortal beings.
— Irvin D. Yalom, existential psychiatrist
and author of Staring at the Sun